Aaron Cooperband, MBA

Senior Partner

Aaron concentrates his business around asset management, investment selection, optimizing portfolio structure, tax minimization strategies, and real estate advice.
Aaron holds three sets of licenses: securities, insurance, and real estate, which, when combined with his decades of experience as an investor and trading floor market maker, give him a unique set of skills to help clients compare and contrast
investment choices that cross investment class boundaries. Frequently, there are multiple ways to achieve a particular financial goal. Aaron believes that many advisors tend to ignore one or more of these investment classes when advising clients because of the lack of proper licensing and experience.

Aaron began his career in 1986 at Salomon Brothers on the institutional side of the business, working with large multi-national corporations and with the central banks and governmental entities of many foreign countries to help them understand and utilize the newly evolving derivatives strategies revolving around interest rate and
currency swaps. Subsequently Aaron worked at Citibank, Merrill Lynch and
Deutsche Bank.

As his career progressed, his client responsibilities expanded to include assisting clients with the principles of asset/liability management, credit risk analysis, and customized derivatives structuring. As part of this role, Aaron was solely responsible for managing the investment bank’s U.S. dollar-based interest rate swaps exposure in the Asian time zone, for developing client-independent proprietary trading models, and for training staff in these areas. While working on trading floors in New York and Tokyo, his clients were major multinational corporations, sovereign governments, and governmental entities.

Aaron retired from Wall Street at age 34 to focus primarily on investing his own capital. Because of market conditions at the time, Aaron chose to shift significant assets into multi-family real estate, ultimately owning hundreds of units in various cities across the country. His most recent real estate activities include sizable purchases of foreclosed properties in Oakland in 2009. Aaron graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science, and from UCLA with an MBA in Finance.


Note: Woodbury Financial Services does not provide real estate advice.