Stephen P. Lozano


After graduating from Fresno State University with a degree in Finance and Business Administration, Stephen worked his way up to be being the Director of Sales and Global operation at Lucent Technologies and Avaya. During that time, Stephen was involved with over 35 mergers and acquisitions supporting customers like Cisco, HP, Oracle, Intel, Sun Micro Systems, Bechtel, Kaiser and more. Stephen’s International experience consisted of building the entire communications network for the Hong Kong Airport, Kuwait Gulf War clean up, and the development of sales, service, and distribution to support the Silicon Valley Global customers for Lucent and Avaya. Due to the rapid expansion in the Silicon Valley and the Global customer base, Stephen helped build the Silicon Valley Global business unit into a 50 million dollar revenue stream.

Stephen’s teams were located in the following International regions such as Europe, Middle East, South America, and of course the U.S. After a decade in the communications Industry and significant travel, Stephen realized his true calling was to help others in the area of finance. In 2001 Stephen took a year off to get his Investment and Insurance licenses to become a Financial Advisor. As well as spend more time with his 2 young children. Since 2002, Stephen’s primary focus was on retirement planning for high income earners and group benefits for small business owners. Considering his years of experience working in the high tech industry, Stephen has spent years helping clients maximize their corporate plans, while striving to accelerate their existing strategy and retire early.

During his time in the San Joaquin Valley helping clients in the Agriculture industry, Stephen realized his International trade experience positioned him to be an objective resource for favorable tax efficient business and estate planning strategies. Although Stephen enjoyed and had many opportunities to advance up the Executive ladder in the High Tech Industry. Stephen, continues to feel he is living the dream and so thankful that he can spend quality time with his family because of it.